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Popular Integra Seed Varieties

XF0212 | Soybean

• XtendFlex® Technology
• Attractive, tawny variety with impressive IDC tolerance
• Taller variety with good standability as well as good width and lateral branching
• Good movement east to west across Minnesota and North Dakota

XF0493 | Soybean

  • XtendFlex® Technology
  • Exciting top-end yield potential
  • Performance lifts in above average to high yield environments

XF0674 | Soybean

  • XtendFlex® Technology
  • Yield and standability
  • Solid White Mold rating
  • Peking!

Fortus 0113E | Soybean


Fortus 0324E | Soybean


Integra 3431 | Corn

  • Impressive addition to the Early to Mid 80 RM group with strong agronomics
  • Emergence and vigor was easy to spot in 2019. That’s saying a lot!
  • Strong overall health package, including Goss’ Wilt
  • Performance carries across soils and yield environments with good Western movement

Integra 3537 | Corn

  • Proven lead product for maturity
  • Impressive top-end yield with very good dry-down
  • Widely adapted across soils and yield environments with excellent Western and Southern movement
  • Tremendous late season health and intactness allowing for extended harvest window

Integra 3629 | Corn

  • Attractive hybrid with excellent top-end yield potential
  • Very good early vigor for no-till or reduced tillage
  • Strong stalks that allow intensive management
  • Handled stress of 2017 very well

Integra 3114 | Corn

  • Big yield upgrade for maturity!
  • Handles high populations and medium to high yield environments
  • Best in zone and north
  • Good drydown

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