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LGS00820XF | Soybeans

  • Top yield through its maturity zone.
  • Medium-tall plant height and above average plant standability.
  • Excellent emergence and early vigor for no-till situations.

LGS00901E3 | Soybeans

  • Top-end yield on many acres.

  • Very good IDC rating allows placement across soil types.

  • Rps3a and great field tolerance against PRR.

LGS0105E3 | Soybeans

  • Consistent performance across both high and low-yield environments.

  • Great emergence and standability.

  • SCN resistance, good IDC tolerance, Rps3a PRR gene, and good BSR resistance.

LGS0139XF | Soybeans

  • Rps1c phytophthora resistance with good field tolerance.
  • Solid IDC scores and above-average White Mold score.
  • Use caution when applying high rates of Metribuzin.

LGS0405E3 | Soybeans

  • Solid yield performance against competitive checks.

  • Peking-premium Soybean Cyst Nematode tolerance.

  • Good SWM, BSR, and IDC tolerance.

LGS0444XF | Soybeans

  • Medium-tall plant height and medium-bush plant type allows LGS0444XF to excel in any row spacing.

  • Metribuzin sensitivity is a caution.

  • Good emergence and disease tolerance make it adaptable to many environments.

LG 30C98 | Corn

  • LG30C98 is high yielding for its maturity and has average test weight.

  • Excellent emergence and stalk strength with very good greensnap tolerance.

  • Good health and very good Goss’s Wilt tolerance.

LG 32C25 | Corn

  • Medium height plant with good test weight grain.
  • Very good stalk and root strength.
  • Good staygreen provides an attractive appearance late into the season.
  • Strong Goss’s Wilt, NCLB and greensnap ratings.

LG 33C30 | Corn

  • Drought tolerance is good, as is its fit across many soil types.

  • Excellent emergence and root lodging scores.

  • Very good tolerance to Goss’s Wilt and good late season intactness.

LG 34C14 | Corn

  • Good yield potential, especially in stress environments.

  • Great emergence and strong early vigor; superior late season intactness with very good stalks.

  • Very good NCLB tolerance, average Goss’s Wilt. Manage accordingly.

LG 35C79 | Corn

  • Excels in high yielding environments.

  • Very good emergence and good lodging scores.

  • Strong agronomics to perform across many soil types.

LG 36C62 | Corn

  • Excellent top-end yield potential from medium-tall plants that stand well into the fall.

  • Very girthy ears produce quality grain of good test weight.

  • Very good to excellent disease characterizations; average response against Goss’s Wilt.

LG 36C88 | Corn

  • Great no-till option with very good emergence.

  • Fits medium to high populations best.

  • Very good disease characterizations including Goss’s Wilt, solid stress and greensnap tolerance.

LG 37C33 | Corn

  • Good yield data from large, deep kernels. A taller plant with medium-tall ear height.

  • Very good late season intactness, fast drydown, and good stalks.

  • Very good NCLB tolerance.

LG 38C48 | Corn

  • Best performance at medium to high populations.

  • Consistent, very large ears.

  • Strong NCLB tolerance

LG 42C80 | Corn

  • Very good commercial look.

  • Upright leaf orientation allows for medium-to-high planting populations.

  • Excellent root lodging notes.

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