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R0422XF | Soybean

  • 0.4 RM XtendFlex® soybean with strong Iron Deficiency Chlorosis and Sclerotinia White Mold tolerance
  • Excellent standability paired with good yield potential
  • Good Phytophthora Root Rot tolerance package: Rps1c gene with very good field tolerance

RX0228 | Soybean

  • Excellent emergence combined with great Iron Deficiency Chlorosis tolerance for Northern soybean farmers’ tough acres
  • Medium-tall plant-height with good standability
  • Good Sclerotinia White Mold tolerance

R00943XF | Soybean


86B55 | Corn

  • Excellent yield potential, good test weight, and very favorable agronomics for 85-day markets.
  • Has exhibited broad adaptability East to West and impressive yield stability across years.
  • Good greensnap and Goss’s Wilt tolerance.
  • Great stress tolerance.
  • Excellent emergence and seedling vigor.

1B771 | Corn

  • Very strong yield potential with a fixed ear type that is likely to respond at medium to medium high planting populations
  • Very good disease tolerance package including Goss’s Wilt and Northern Leaf Blight
  • Stable product that has shown drought tolerance
  • Has been shown to lose staygreen but finishes nicely

1B721 | Corn


2B851 | Corn

  • Has shown good ear flex allowing for medium low to medium high planting populations
  • Nice-looking, medium-statured hybrid with open husk
  • Great stalk and root strength and Greensnap tolerance make this hybrid very versatile
  • Broad acre fit with excellent disease tolerance package

3B903 | Corn

  • Solid yield performance potential, especially in yield environments up to 220 Bu/A
  • Great Greensnap tolerance
  • Good late-season appearance with an open husk
  • Good disease tolerance profile for Goss’s Wilt, Anthracnose Stalk Rot and Northern Corn Leaf Blight

80B57 | Corn

  • Exceptional yield potential and has exhibited impressive yield stability across years.
  • Has exhibited broad adaptability East to West with very favorable agronomics for 80-day markets.
  • Excellent emergence and seedling vigor.
  • Good Goss’s Wilt and Northern Corn Leaf Blight tolerance.

83B33 | Corn

  • Broadly adapted product with solid Goss’s wilt and greensnap tolerance to enable western movement.
  • Has shown excellent early establishment with very good emergence and seedling vigor.
  • Medium statured plant with long, girthy ears and excellent test weight.
  • Has shown excellent northern corn leaf blight tolerance.

88B04 | Corn

  • Very good yield potential with excellent test weight.
  • Medium plant stature with long ear and excellent flex.
  • Has exhibited excellent drought stress tolerance.
  • Potential for exposed ear tips.

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